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Claim an insurance event
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LLC "First assist company" is ready to help you around the clock and provide the full range of services provided by the insurance terms. We only involve certified clinics in providing assistance.

How to act in case of an insured event?

  1. In a critical situation, if there is a threat to life, you need to use the services of an ambulance.
  2. In case of an insured event , we do not recommend contacting hotel doctors yourself, to doctors of private practice or medical institutions without sending the First assisting company.
  3. immediately notify assistance about the event by calling the phone numbers specified in the policy or insurance rules and strictly follow the recommendations of specialists.
  4. Be ready to provide the insurance policy details(for identification of the insured):
    • last name, first name, birth date and passport number of the insured;
    • name of the insurance company;
    • holicy number and expiration date.
  5. Report your location and contact phone number.
  6. Describe the circumstances of the insured event and symptoms, as well as other information necessary to provide qualified assistance.
  7. When paying for expenses, keep receipts, appointments and prescriptions, and other evidence of monetary expenses.

Dear tourists, we wish you good health and a pleasant holiday!