First Assist LLC is always ready to help at the right moment and provide you with a full range of services, provided by the insurance policy.
   The only thing you need to do when an insured event occurs is to contact the medical service at the phone numbers specified in the insurance policy. The interests of the insurer abroad are represented by an assistance company, which, if necessary, will search for a doctor, settle payment issues with hospitals, organization of medical evacuation and repatriation. The customer service works around the clock and seven days a week. When calling, you must inform:

  • Full name of the insured person;
  • insurance policy number;
  • the start and end date of the insurance policy;
  • hotel name, room number;
  • circumstances of occurrence of the insured event;
  • Full name and phone number of the contact person;
  • other information necessary to provide qualified assistance;
  • next, follow the instructions of the service operator.

   In case of an insured event, we do not recommend contacting hotel doctors, to doctors of private practice or to medical institutions without the referral of the First Assisting Company. The First Assisting Company uses the services of major global network hospitals, as well as certified private clinics.
Dear tourists, we wish you good health and a pleasant stay!


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